Annual Rainfall in India

मौसम समाचार
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The average annual rainfall in India is about 125 cm, but it has great spatial variations.

Areas of high Rainfall:The highest rainfall occurs along the west coast on the western ghat , as well as in the sub Himalayas areas is the north east and the hills of Meghalaya.

Here the rainfall exceeds some parts of khasi and jaintia hills, the rainfall exceeds the Brahmaputra valley and the adjoining hills the rainfall is less than 200cm.

Areas of medium rainfall: Rainfall between 100 -200cm is received in the southern parts of Gujarat east Tamil nadu northern east peninsula covering odisha jharkhand Bihar eastern madhya Pradesh, northern Ganga plain along the sub – Himalayas and cachar valley and Manipur.

Areas of Low Rainfall:western uttar Pradesh, Haryana Punjab jammu and Kashmir eastern Rajasthan Gujarat and Deccan plateau receive rainfall between 50-100cm.

Areas of Inadequate Rainfall:parts of peninsula especially in Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Maharashtra, Ladakh and most of western Rajasthan receive rainfall below 50cm .